S/S 2018

MEDITERRAANEO is Mediterranean style according to Doppiaa. The charm of the good life and fine dressing in magical places lapped by the sea, where the summer lasts all year round, and elegance is never an optional, but a pleasure beyond pleasures. From the Balearic islands to Positano; from St.Tropez to Mykonos; from Forte dei Marmi to Portofino, and then way down to Tangiers. It’s like a trip inside a trip to the favourite destinations of today’s and yesterday’s jet set the localities that attract generation after generation of gentlemen and gentlewomen. Such MEDITERRAANEAN style is not only a source of inspiration, but also a deeply rooted part of the Doppiaa dna: Apricot, olive-beige, Sienna, deep saffron, purple, ecru, tea green, Tuareg indigo and Naples yellow. Jackets 100% linen and 100% cotton that in an amazing play of contrasts, light ablaze the colour palette of the shirts. Featherweight knits with refined materials, hues and designs, where colours are not simply sunny, fabrics are not merely refreshing, and cuts are not only comfortable, because the MEDITERRAANEAN style by Doppiaa flees from clichés. The daily work and constant research at Doppiaa are not finished until each garment has reached the elegant and unique naturalness devoid of artifice and useless frills that unmistakably distinguishes every single item of Doppiaa clothing.

F/W 2017-18

DOPPIAA is to sportwear what fair play is to sport. The beauty of reaching results using only your own resources.
The elegance of competition and the effort of sportsmanship under the banner of respect and fairness.
The miraculous simplicity that shrouds the most arduous endeavors, making them look easy when they are not.
DOPPIAA is an innovative idea of casualwear, where casual does not mean random, where there is room for fun and charm, functionally and relaxation.
DOPPIAA is also the extravagant reinterpretation of classic formalwear. It is rigorously sartorial yet devoid of all rigidity.
DOPPIAA is a refined selection of fabrics; the joyous explosion of a color palette; great, comfortable wearability; all combined with distinctive originality, without extremism.
DOPPIAA ia a way of dressing that contains many ways of dressing, for a generation of gentlewomen and gentlemen made up of just as many generations.
DOPPIAA is shown from the point of view of an Artist with capital A: Koto Bolofo has interpreted the 2017-2018 Autumn/Winter collection with a highly personal vision and original photographic poetry.