F/W 2019-20

Intelligence and imagination have made humankind what it is today, when it is at its best. The blend of smarts and curiosity helps us take our most unexpected and sensible decisions. Intelligence is so indispensable that we have had to create an artificial supplement of it to make our lives easier, faster and more agreeable. Big distances have become smaller, and interpersonal relationships have expanded.
Combined with personal taste, intelligence guides us when it comes to choosing what to wear. For instance, we turn to the total look of the new DOPPIAA collection: true to tradition, innovative in its selection of fabrics and the particularities of its materials. The collection is technologically refined, and above all, features garments that allow us to feel fully at ease – at all moments of the day, no matter the activity engaging us. Why shouldn't formal clothes be comfortable? Why shouldn't casual wear be elegant? .
DOPPIAA enjoys subverting the classic codes of fine menswear. A play of opposites exalts style over and above the seasons of fashion and weather, in perfect coherence with new contemporary attitudes. An intelligentleman is elegant, original and at the same time open-minded and nonconformist. His wardrobe transmits emotional intensity and charm. .
His clothes are made of velvet, cotton jersey, mohair, baby alpaca, cashmere, technical fabrics and an incredible Japanese textile with the feel of lambskin, the fruit of artisanal skill passed down from generation to generation. The fabrics are sophisticated in colour and weave. Trousers have a comfortable cut. Cargo pants are seamlessly constructed by heat-welding. There are heavy jackets, coats with removable lining, jacquard sweaters and scarves made from batik-print African fabrics – all in a colour palette ranging from navy to plum, from baby blue to military green and tobacco. .
The vast assortment is, as always, crafted under the banner of relaxed, characterful classiness. The DOPPIAA collection is intelligent and appealing, for intelligentlemen of all generations.

S/S 2019

DAYDREAM: Some dreamsremaindreams. They float aroundaimlessly in the oneiricdimension. Thenthere are facts of reality, the pleasantsurprisesyouwouldneverhaveimagined. All of a sudden, youmagicallyfindthemwithinreach in alltheirmarvellousconcreteness. It'slikedreaming with youreyes open. Dreamsbecometangiblethanks to Doppiaa'sinexhaustibleperusing of all corners of the globe, on a quest to find the mostnovelinnovations. Combined with taste, quality and skillbelonging to the highestItaliantradition, thisendeavourisgearedtowardgood living and sharpdressing in the presentday. The visions come from the immaterial world of ideas and intuitions. They are substantiated in the right shapes, materials and fabrics to obtainclothing of characterthatisconceived and constructed for the contemporary gentleman of allages. The colourful, elegantlyeccentriccollectioniswithoutgratuitousextravagance. A concentratedeffortwas made to lighten the weight of the fabricsasmuchaspossiblewhilepreserving maximum personality, structure and quality for an utterlycomfortablespring and summer season. Previouslyunseeninterpretations of denim (more than just jeans) offer en entiretotal look, notwithout a fewauthenticsurprises, includingNehrujackets and tuxedos. Itis love at first sight for hand-printed and hand-embroideredIndiancloth. See the safari jackets in windowpanelinen, two-tonecottongilets, embroideredshirts, shirts with mandarincollars, and short-sleeve oversizeshirts in printedJapanesefabric. Admire the Prince of Wales raincoats, logoedsweatshirts, jackets, littlejackets, big jackets, trousers and polo shirts. The fabrics are of exclusiveItalian, Japanese and Indianmake. There are prints, 3D tone-on-toneembroidery and much, much more. Ifallthisdoesnotseemlikedreaming with youreyes open, itcertainlycomesveryclose.