S/S 2019

DAYDREAM: Some dreamsremaindreams. They float aroundaimlessly in the oneiricdimension. Thenthere are facts of reality, the pleasantsurprisesyouwouldneverhaveimagined. All of a sudden, youmagicallyfindthemwithinreach in alltheirmarvellousconcreteness. It'slikedreaming with youreyes open. Dreamsbecometangiblethanks to Doppiaa'sinexhaustibleperusing of all corners of the globe, on a quest to find the mostnovelinnovations. Combined with taste, quality and skillbelonging to the highestItaliantradition, thisendeavourisgearedtowardgood living and sharpdressing in the presentday. The visions come from the immaterial world of ideas and intuitions. They are substantiated in the right shapes, materials and fabrics to obtainclothing of characterthatisconceived and constructed for the contemporary gentleman of allages. The colourful, elegantlyeccentriccollectioniswithoutgratuitousextravagance. A concentratedeffortwas made to lighten the weight of the fabricsasmuchaspossiblewhilepreserving maximum personality, structure and quality for an utterlycomfortablespring and summer season. Previouslyunseeninterpretations of denim (more than just jeans) offer en entiretotal look, notwithout a fewauthenticsurprises, includingNehrujackets and tuxedos. Itis love at first sight for hand-printed and hand-embroideredIndiancloth. See the safari jackets in windowpanelinen, two-tonecottongilets, embroideredshirts, shirts with mandarincollars, and short-sleeve oversizeshirts in printedJapanesefabric. Admire the Prince of Wales raincoats, logoedsweatshirts, jackets, littlejackets, big jackets, trousers and polo shirts. The fabrics are of exclusiveItalian, Japanese and Indianmake. There are prints, 3D tone-on-toneembroidery and much, much more. Ifallthisdoesnotseemlikedreaming with youreyes open, itcertainlycomesveryclose.

F/W 2018-19

IN THE MOOD. It's a way of saying "with style." When the Glenn Miller big-band tune In the Mood came out in 1939, its title was translated into Italian as Con Stile. The famous high-spirited swing instrumental is a declaration of intent with which Doppiaa feels in absolute harmony, in a twofold way. The first sees in the song a perfect reflection of the brand's continuing evolution. Since day one, Doppiaa has aspired to dress gentlemen of all ages. The high sartorial quality of its garments, the obsessive sourcing of materials and fabrics, and of course its style, are the identifying traits that are being readily recognised and appreciated everywhere, linking the old continent to the new world. And the second way the song resonates for Doppiaa is the way it suggests we listen to our mood, identify our feelings, and then choose from our wardrobe the clothes and accessories that best suit the moment. Tomorrow, they could be entirely different, and different again the day after that.
The precise moods of Doppiaa interpret mind-sets influenced by age and other factors. They are photographs of ways of being and ways of dressing. All are created under the banner of character-driven elegance devoid of complications and infused with a sophisticated style that is never extreme. These moods are actual guidelines composing an entire universe of masculine sartorial prowess handed down from father to son and back again from son to grandfather. They are then interpreted by the type of man who instead of being noticed for an excess of vanity prefers being remarked for what he is: always at ease, inside and out. There are seven different lines, seven evocative moods. The first is the exclusive Prima line, inspired by the magic of debut performances at the world's greatest theatres. Unusual fabrics, materials, details and prints come alive in a specially made première of Doppiaa models.
The Velvet line takes its name from the fabric that dominates here, both in smooth and corduroy variants. Its much-appreciated sensorial qualities are highlighted in tailored interpretations of velvet as an actual style – a way of living and dressing in itself.
The Working Man's giant-sized label is a true certificate of authenticity, based on the ethics and aesthetics of physical labour. Jackets, shirts, trousers and technical fabrics inspired by the working world unite maximum comfort with relaxed elegance as a more practical and enjoyable way to go about the daily tasks of contemporary life.
The Blue Blue line is a rereading of the most classic shade of masculinity in a modern key. Unusual expression gives the naturally formal vocation of navy blue a pleasing new wearability with total mellowness. The great classics of the wardrobe of manly charm are featured in the Timeless line, dedicated to ageless classiness as a thread between present, past and future.
Oxford shirts, Shetland knits, flannel suits, horn buttons or gold buttons: the Ivy League line expresses the casual handsomeness of young men on campus at college and university, whose sportswear is never random, but always as chic as possible.
Single-breasted, double-breasted, peak lapels, baby alpaca and cashmere: the Sophisticated Gentlemen line is a reference to traditional tailoring full of character, created for tasteful men who recognise and appreciate the most precious materials and the most exceptional details.