DOPPIAA is the story of two friends and the fraternal and cultural mould in which they were born and raised: two acquainted families with esteem for each other, who have enjoyed each other’s company for years. One family has a generations-long involvement in the business of elegance and fine dressing. The other family has internationality, good taste and a great curiosity for fashion in its blood. Precisely from this intertwined friendship was born contemporaneously in the minds of Alain and Albert, the two founders, the idea of creating the brand DOPPIAA as a conveyer of their passions, savoir faire and solidly Mediterranean aesthetics. The results are a relaxed, cheerful and colourful classiness that offers joyful dressing as an expression of one’s best appearance. This is style for the whole family, for all ages and all occasions. The pleasure of refined clothing by DOPPIAA is grounded on two essential cornerstones: 100% Italian manufacturing, and the painstakingly executed pinpointing and selecting of the highest quality fabrics with the most particular characteristics, wherever they may originate.

DOPPIAA stands for the twin initials of an imaginary alphabet of masculine style. DOPPIAA is for gentlemen of all ages who enjoy dressing with distinction, high quality and originality, all the while remaining utterly themselves. DOPPIAA stands for suits, jackets, shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, knitwear and accessories that you’ve always wished to wear. DOPPIAA stands for generations of diverse men who share the twin passions of looking good and living well. DOPPIAA stands for a love of details from A upwards, and the obstinate search for top-grade raw materials. DOPPIAA stands for beautiful things that are well made and long lasting – at least twice as long as usual. Doppiaa places the accent on Italianity, sartorial suavity, versatility and wearability. DOPPIAA, because elegance is not explained – it is a natural inclination. DOPPIAA is an invitation to go for an encore of all the best.